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Stilt walkers

Stilts are poles, posts or pillars used to allow a person or structure to stand at a distance above the ground.The local festivals feature a dance on stilts in which dancers go down a stepped street while turning. Whether your event is corporate, retail, festival, community, street, private, educational or promotional we can provide the right stilt walking acts for you.We provide a very diverse range of stilt walkers and stilt walking acts for a wide range of themes.We provide the very best stilt walkers and stilt walking acts for any type of event.

What They Say
Think out of the box events mumbai

"Wow!!! Nice.... John milton..you did very nice work.You made the show entertaing.The doctors who came to my international program at CHENNAI TRADE CENTER were really happy on your dancers performanceā€¯

by: Suhailsyd., Think out of the box