We are here to spread the smell of indian culture.Our service brings out indian culture from nook and corner of the country.This is the only place to get very unique cultural items for any of your program.



About us

We commit to serve the international arts community by promoting work at the intersectionof the arts and creativity and by encouraging and stimulating collaboration between artists
of varying culture and heritage.our vision to create a universal platform for artists of all origin,nature is a cultural mirror of the art it serves. The institution will offer a diverse platform reflective of our changing society and then celebrate that diversity through performance and exhibition.We are available always  for your services.9884436365

What They Say
Think out of the box events mumbai

"Wow!!! Nice.... John milton..you did very nice work.You made the show entertaing.The doctors who came to my international program at CHENNAI TRADE CENTER were really happy on your dancers performance”

by: Suhailsyd., Think out of the box