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Tamil folk dance



Folk arts typically represent the culture and heritage of a region much more than others Poikkal Kuthirai Aatam in Tamilnadu is one such art. Poikkal Kuthirai, is a dummy horse show. The dummy horse is made of jute, cardboard, paper, and glass. Poikkal Kudirai Aattam is a Dummy Horse dance in which the dancer puts on the dummy figure of a horse on his/her hips. This folk dance needs a lot of training and skill. The dummy is made of lightweight materials and the cloth at the sides of the dummy swings to and fro covering the legs of the dancer. The dancer has to don wooden legs so that the legs look like the hooves of the horse. While performing the dance, the dancer brandishes either a sword or a whip.The show is performed by men as well as women. The main attraction is the richly decorated cardboard horse. The dancer uses this as his dress. He gets into it through the holes made therein and looks as if he is riding on horse back. Wooden stilts are tied to the dancers feet and these can be successfully used only after months of experience. The purpose of using the stilts is to prevent the dancer from being harmed by snakes or scorpions. This dance is performed by a pair of dancers impersonating a king and queen. Sometimes, they indulge in acrobatics and they entertain the folk for hours together. The dummy horse show is one of the chief attractions in the republic day festivities at New Delhi and folk artists are sent from Tamil Nadu every year to perform this show

What They Say
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"Wow!!! Nice.... John milton..you did very nice work.You made the show entertaing.The doctors who came to my international program at CHENNAI TRADE CENTER were really happy on your dancers performanceā€¯

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