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Naiyandi melam
Tamil folk Music


Naiyandi melam

This music is usually performed as an accompaniment to folk dances such as Kavadi, Karagam, Poikkal Kudirai. Naiyandi Melam or Chinna Melam is a rural reproduction of the classical melam or Nagaswaram and is projected purely as an accompaniment to folk-dance-drama to cater to the tastes of the local audience. The orchestra contains of
two Nagaswarams, two thavils, a Pambai, a Thammukku, and a pair of cymbals. The individuality of Naiyandi melam is that the players of the instruments also dance while playing the instrument. This Naiyandi melam is in demand as an accompaniment to Karagattam, Kavadiattam, Dummy horse dance, and gypsy-dance, popularly known as Kuravan Kurathi Dance

What They Say
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"Wow!!! Nice.... John milton..you did very nice work.You made the show entertaing.The doctors who came to my international program at CHENNAI TRADE CENTER were really happy on your dancers performanceā€¯

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